Widely known as one of the most accomplished and energetic entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Sustainability + Inclusion, Greg Reynolds has dedicated more than 20 years to founding and building companies that celebrate inclusion and its transformational business and societal impact. Greg has a keen perspective on the evolving world of work and human connection. He also understands the important value of interdependent stakeholder frameworks to respond to the issues of today and proactively identify critical indicators of predictive and durable organizational financial and societal performance.

Greg currently serves as Founder and CEO of Hadley-Reynolds, a Social Value Management Consulting firm, and is Co-Founder and CEO of HelixTech, a Web3 Technology Company dedicated to the quantifiable impact of Social Value Contribution, Evidence-based Research, Interdependent Stakeholder Management, and Technology (AI and Web3).

Hadley-Reynolds is enabled by the innovative Social Value Contribution (SVC) framework to support the development and delivery of consulting solutions that contribute to predictive and durable business performance. These solutions are based on quantification of interdependent key business stakeholder groups who are the arbitrators of Quality for businesses today.

HelixTech, a Web3 Technology Company, offers a proprietary Social Value Contribution Framework (SVC), developed by Greg Reynolds and Barbara Belk, Ph.D. This Social Value Contribution Platform (SVCP) enables actionable solutions to support Quality Management that drives durable bottom-line performance for organizations to thrive and deliver on their fiscal and societal performance goals.

Most notably, these joint companies offer a depth of solutions that uniquely engage leaders to connect teams to their shared purpose and drive deep systemic social and fiscal impact. Through evidence-based processes and solutions of our Social Value Contribution Platform (SVCP), Greg and consultants collaborate and enable organizations to surface their management systems of leadership and governance, true brand identity, and pathways to attract, retain, and engage an inclusive value chain that together creates a powerful competitive advantage in today’s economy.

Greg’s leadership ethos aligns with the collective social good to foster pathways for shared abundance in the workplace and while supporting durable business and societal performance. He is a voracious reader, a fine art collector, and spin-cyclist. Greg splits his time between New York and Miami with his husband and their beloved miniature schnauzer.