Known in vast circles as one of the most accomplished and energetic entrepreneurs and a thought leader in diversity + inclusion, Greg Reynolds has dedicated more than 25 years to founding and building companies that curate, cultivate and celebrate diverse talent. With a focus on various industries including insurance, technology, entertainment, finance, investment banking, utilities, associations and others, Greg has harnessed his experience in executive search to realize his personal passion for and commitment to impacting under-represented groups in leadership in the workplace.

Greg currently serves as CEO and president of two companies he co-founded, both Hadley-Reynolds (executive recruitment) and G-dii (which stands for Global Diversity, Inclusion & Innovation). By focusing on adding value at the nexus of executive search, talent identification/engagement and human capital network building, Greg has sparked a shift in the employers and candidates he works with — from short-term thinking (“let’s fill this position”) to a more holistic way of experiencing the benefits of investing creatively in long-term professional relationship cultivation. Moreover, his devotion to the importance of diversity and inclusion has led him to further evolving his businesses to ensure multi-cultural candidates get a fair shake at the executive level worldwide.

With the global workplace becoming increasingly more diverse and multicultural, Greg has also focused on cultural fluency as a competitive advantage, a strategic priority, and a critical success factor for companies and their employees. In the United States alone, current events and a divisive political landscape continue to demonstrate the very real impacts of bias, preference and the need for tolerance in society, and in the workplace.

Not only do big businesses seek out Greg for education in these areas, they rely on his diversity search expertise. Combined with the understanding that many executives only experience diversity outside of their neighborhoods and inside the workplace, Greg saw a huge gap in how companies are addressing diversity and inclusion, if at all. His devotion to this and for enterprise transformation and innovation has today resulted in the forming of G-dii Enterprises Inc., a newly formed holding company created with his two business partners.

G-dii Enterprises was created to anchor Greg’s companies under one vision and purpose – to be the leading authority in developing cutting-edge methods that create transformation inside of organizations and bring them technology and programmatic solutions that activate their cultural inclusiveness, fluency and capability. Cultural inclusiveness and fluency represent an organization’s or individual’s conscious and unconscious preference/bias relative to inclusion and diversity.

G-dii Enterprises is currently working with Fortune 100 companies to help each advance its diversity and inclusion efforts, beginning with use of its proprietary assessment tool that has been engineered by leading scientists and privacy attorneys under Greg’s leadership. G-dii helps companies understand and measure the unique cultural fluency of their existing and potential employees through a proprietary and innovative assessment tool that will be launched in early 2017. The tool is currently in beta with select corporate partners.

At its core, Greg believes that the innovative solutions that G-dii Enterprises is creating will only help to better the workplace and ultimately change the world.

Greg enjoys sharing his purpose and corporate mission with audiences nationwide via speaking engagements for companies, associations and organizations. He has delivered speeches and panel discussions around this topic to the Council of Black Women and the League of Black Women’s 2013 10th Annual Global Leadership Conference, to name a few.

Greg was educated at Hampton University. He is active in the Black Human Resources Network, the Urban League, the Human Rights Campaign and International Coaches Federation. Additionally, Greg served on the Board of the Washington Halfway Home for women as well as GLAAD.

“As a professional fascinated by both recruitment and long-term engagement, I have been helping our client-firms to blossom into fundamentally shifting from an “Executive Search” focus to a more dynamic focus on identifying, engaging, recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent—while also helping our partners to cultivate an employment culture that makes diverse contributors want to stay. This makes it easier to attract even more high-caliber talent.”
Greg Reynolds