Greg is a market agility enablement and technology entrepreneur who is focused on enabling leaders in “Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time.”

He develops solutions for leaders who understand business’s fundamental role in regenerating the socioeconomic and ecological systems that support market vitality.  Leaders who can appreciate the urgency to collaborate in the regenerative development process to address this global crisis of our planet’s vitality.

Regeneration is evolving to a better state than before by doing the right thing informed by a “Systems View of Life”. Regeneration enables patterns and principles of well-being, natural resources, social equity, and economic growth. Market Agility Enablement (MAE) businesses move away from extractive practices and positively contribute to the community and nature. This enables these leaders to turn many into one, solve complex, nested community problems, and, in return, drive durable performance and longevity. Greg helps the leadership develop the building blocks to evolve, heal, and gain function to address the ineffective competing operating models.

This enables leaders to:

– Turn many into one to come back to a community mindset.

– Co-create conditions (Collaborate) conducive to regenerative vitality and

– Drive durable performance and brand affinity for the families, businesses, communities, and markets they lead.

Greg is a visionary and energetic leader who understands the evolution of business, enabling the regeneration of our planet to benefit all of us. Greg is the CEO and Founder of MAVI, a Market Agility Solution. He has over 25 years of experience building and leading innovative companies that celebrate and advance  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for business performance and market impact.

MAVI is a subscription-based solution that scales quantifiable and actionable market strategies and models to regenerate the planet. Greg designs and manages MAVI’s models and architecture to foster and maintain the learning capabilities of production and consumption cross-market side effects from interrelated Living systems and Regeneration Finance (ReFi) intelligence. His leadership ethos aligns with human-centered organizations and a vision of organizations generating socially equitable returns for all market consumers.

Greg divides his time between New York and Virginia with his miniature schnauzer, Astor.