As Founder of Hadley-Reynolds, a Co-Founder and CEO of the PC-C Corp, and Chairman of the Board of Social Helix, a 501c3, I have over 25 years of experience in building and leading innovative companies that celebrate and leverage REI-D (Responsibility Equity Inclusion and Diversity) for business performance and societal impact. I am a visionary and energetic leader who understands the evolution of business in the co-creation economy, where augmented collaboration can transform business leaders into a Prosperity-driven collaborative. By aligning businesses to systemic equity and Core Collaborative Principles, I enable organizations to turn many into one, solve their most complex problems, and drive improved performance and brand effects, “Business Prosperity.”

I am the Chief Architect of the Alignment and Collaboration Solution, a proprietary leadership and organizational alignment system I developed with Barbara Belk, Ph.D., a renowned clinical psychologist and organization development expert. The system enables quantifiable and actionable solutions to support and enable leadership alignment into business prosperity collaborators, ideally suited for today’s network organization structures that support distributed and collaborative work. Our ACS system contributes to the prosperity of all business stakeholders by advancing their well-being as an intentional output of an organization’s business strategy and performance.

I also design, deploy, and manage the Prosperity Ecosystem, a new universal data application system that is robust, correct, evolvable, and ultimately beneficial to humanity. My leadership ethos aligns with human-centered organizations and a vision of organizations generating socially equitable returns for shareholders and all other business stakeholders.

I am a lifelong learner, equitable capitalist, systems thinker, designer, instructor, and caregiver. I split my time between New York and Virginia with my miniature schnauzer, Astor.