Widely known as one of the most accomplished and energetic entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Equity + Inclusion, Greg Reynolds has dedicated more than 25 years to founding and building companies that celebrate diverse talent and its business impact.

Greg currently serves as CEO and Founder of Hadley-Reynolds, a company dedicated to Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Applied Research, Leadership Development, and Technology (AI and Blockchain). Hadley-Reynolds has developed an innovative solution to support predictive and sustainable business performance through leveraging Social Value. The year 2020 was a catalyst of massive change in the global society that cemented 21st Century complexities for business leaders of a “Purpose” economy.

The Social Value integrated framework created by Greg Reynolds offers actionable solutions to support enhanced Business and Governance Models to drive sustainable performance for organizations to thrive and deliver value to all stakeholders. Greg and his team at Hadley-Reynolds collaborate with clients by offering a depth of solutions that uniquely engage leaders to connect teams to their shared purpose and drive deep systemic social change.
Greg has a keen perspective of the evolving world of work and human connection, the value of integrated social frameworks to respond to the issues of today and forecast scenarios, and serves as a conduit for predictive and sustainable performance. Greg recognizes that all individuals possess qualities that connote difference as a result of unique talents and experiences. As such, individuals themselves are not “diverse”, rather, it is their shared relationship to and contributions within groups, or organizations that highlight the advantages of diversity.

Greg’s leadership ethos unleashes the collective social good, fosters pathways for shared abundance in the workplace, and sustains business performance. Through the use of proprietary processes and solutions, Greg and his team at Hadley-Reynolds collaborate with companies to surface their systems of collaboration, true brand identity, and pathways to attract and retain diverse talent that together creates a powerful competitive advantage in the “Purpose” economy.

Greg is a voracious reader and fine art collector. He and his husband along with their beloved miniature schnauzer split their time between New York and Miami.

“As a professional fascinated by both recruitment and long-term engagement, I have been helping our client-firms to blossom into fundamentally shifting from an “Executive Search” focus to a more dynamic focus on identifying, engaging, recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent—while also helping our partners to cultivate an employment culture that makes diverse contributors want to stay. This makes it easier to attract even more high-caliber talent.”
Greg Reynolds