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Benefits to Clients that engage Hadley-Reynolds’ Services


  • Diverse talent becomes much easier to find and retain (short- and long-term)
  • Top-line human assets: Your organization experiences competitive edge due to attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent in your industry, up through the executive level
  • Your organization’s employment brand as an inclusive employer is strengthened
  • Compliance with EEOC and AA objectives or requirements is high
  • Experience long-term budget-friendly solution (integrated / bundled services available)

 Hadley-Reynolds Services Menu (available a la carte or integrated)


  • Diverse Executive Talent Acquisition (Recruitment, engagement, “onboarding”)
  • Diverse Executive Talent Coaching and Development
  • Management of Your Long-term Pipeline to Sustain Highest-End Talent in Leadership
  • Consulting: collaborating to empower your organization to do any/all of these internally
  • We offer combined benefits of a consulting organization and a diverse talent network/pipeline
  • Customization, collaboration, creating new services as needed by your particular organization

Download a one page summary about our special Diversity Invitational events (or series) entitled: An Efficient Way to Build and Tailor a Pipeline of Diverse Talent to Fill Senior Leadership Needs. Diversity InvitationalTM are a service of Hadley-Reynolds.

Diversity Focus
With more than 50 years of combined experience, H-R leadership focuses its resources on developing: (1) intimate relationships with diverse executives and (2) industry insights that benefit our clients.

We understand and embrace the needs of our clients with regard to both diversity and EEO/AA requirements. Through our many executive diversity searches, and the development of our Diversity Invitationals events, we have cultivated a strong diversity practice.

See our simple table (side-by-side comparison) depicting how H-R’s model and methodologies embody a paradigm shift that benefits all parties.