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Our Candidate Services for diverse professionals are perhaps better described as facilitated opportunities for leading executives and other talented professional contributors (whom we meet and engage across industries) to:

1  – Build new professional relationships via both structured and informal conversations, introductions, and/or networking events

2 –  Gain deeper awareness of the organizational culture(s) and brand(s) of one or more major employer(s) within industry(ies) that interest you

3 –  Open new career possibilities and pathways long-term

4 – Become aware of relevant professional roles and positions that are currently open—for example see “Currently Featured Positions” at right

5 – Indicate interest in pursuing employment with particular employer(s) and/or in specific role(s), with possibilities for meeting with highly engaged company executives and/or staffing personnel when such position(s) or similar do come up

6 – Request/receive coaching or development for success in acquiring, succeeding in, and/or maintaining well aligned employment in particular positions.

In many cases, our candidates services are provided free to candidates. Based on the needs of our client mix (a variety of organizations with diverse hiring needs, across industries and various executive-level and/or high-contribution professions, functions, and roles), we retain discretion to assess prospective candidates for experiential and other aspects of ‘fit’ before committing to the delivery of any service(s) described above or below. Please see also information about our special Diversity Invitational events.

More about Hadley-Reynolds’ Candidate-Facing Services

Hadley-Reynolds offers several career counseling options to address an individual’s career development, questions, and concerns. Our consultants focus on both professional and personal objectives, culminating in the development of a holistic career strategy.

The consultants at Hadley-Reynolds conduct an in-depth career review with each engaged candidate to assess strengths, weaknesses, and abilities in order to help determine future career options. This review provides an opportunity for professionals to address specific career issues, concerns, and future possibilities with the help of an experienced career consultant. We offer career management strategies and tactics that will build the confidence—and connections—you need to make your move.

In some circumstances, we can also offer a comprehensive career assessment and strategy. This comprehensive experience builds upon the other work we may do together and adds an extra level of evaluation and strategy. The tools we use include:

  • Career appraisal (including interests, aptitude, personality and/or values testing)
  • 360-degree feedback evaluation
  • Performance Appraisal Review
  • Development of personalized career strategy
  • Active follow up and evaluation on targeted results and measures

These steps, coupled with the support of a Hadley-Reynolds consultant, will enable you to reach your goals.

Diversity Focus
With more than 50 years of combined experience, H-R leadership focuses its resources on developing:
(1) intimate professional relationships with diverse executives and high-contribution professionals, and (2) industry insights that benefit our clients and candidates.