At Hadley Reynolds, we understand a leader’s ability to enable shared purpose is a critical factor in achieving the high performance that today’s complex markets demand.
These communities are the new arbitrators in today’s market.

The unique Market Capital Enablement (MCE) approach offers an innovative new method for capturing communities representing consumers, workforce, suppliers, and market enablers. This method influences businesses’ critical challenges today: creating the right market structures to support improved productivity and growth goals that drive strong financial returns.

MCE includes a unique evidence-based methodology and protocols that provide our clients with solutions based on the following:

  • An understanding of invisible market conditions and trends.
  • A roadmap of emergent opportunity within the business value chain
  • Mapping of the community experience in the markets you impact

At Hadley Reynolds, we help organizations deliver value for all communities and thrive in market uncertainty.

The Unique Market Capital Enablement© Approach of Hadley Reynolds

The MCE© approach focuses on a critical understanding of the market conditions of community groups representing the workforce, consumers, and partners framed by community identity, behavior, and experience factors through an evidence-based framework.

The unique Market Capital Enablement © (MCE) approach offers an innovative new method for capturing this previously fragmented stakeholder group that influences today’s critical challenges: creating the right inclusive structures to support enabling community members, workforce, consumers, and partners and drive strong financial returns.



At an aggregate level, the stakeholder model focuses on select individual group experiences and needs.


The Market Capital Enablement model focuses on community conditions that bind market-nested identity, behavior, experience, and well-being.


Our unique Key Durability Indicators are evidence-based system insights that enable business growth strategies by unlocking hidden community layers within complex market conditions. By leveraging these key insights, business leaders can create and deliver products of community preference, creating durable financial and market rewards across their value chain.

The innovative integrated solution enables leaders and their teams to manage “Community Health,” as defined by the outcome achieved through market measurements of the financial, physical, social, and emotional health of the hidden enabling communities critical to durable growth.

These Are Our

Solution Offerings

We provide business solutions that help leaders drive desired business outcomes in today’s markets, enabled by dramatic market expectations based on community health.
Here’s what we do and how we can offer support to your business:

Business Transformation

Utilizing Market Capital Enablement (MCE) principles, we help your business transition to a market enabler for vitality. Our consulting services are tailored to optimize your business performance.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • ESG & Sustainability
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Workforce Transformation
  • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Enterprise Readiness Campaigns

Learning and Professional Development

We offer tailored leadership training programs to enhance financial performance and collaborative management skills. Our focus areas include engagement, communication, and group interaction.

We specialize in our unique Market Capital Enablement framework, which provides insights into achieving a unified shared purpose among leadership and management teams. This framework helps address market demands and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

  • Training & Certifications
  • Leadership Assessment and Development
  • Collaboration Development and Enablement

Organizational Strategy


It is designed to measure a company’s ecosystem and management system that is responsible for regenerating market vitality. These insights are the foundation of solutions that embed market capital enablement understanding into leadership and governance to improve performance and drive growth.

  • High-Performing Executive Teams
  • Organization Design
  • People Strategy & Performance
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Change Management

Thought-Leadership and Events

  • Research and Academic Collaborations
  • White Papers
  • Keynote Speaking Engagements and Panel Presentations

Retained Executive Search


A new recruitment method of strategic executive leaders and robust diversity strategies that don’t tokenize community enabling talent to improve retention, success, and impact. Leveraging the proprietary Capital Enabler Leader, Executive Search process.

MAVI © Platform

MAVI is a pioneering multi-agent group solution for businesses striving to manage market shocks and elevate overall performance. MAVI’s evidence-based insights assess current landscape conditions and surface variables of market agents (community, workforce, customer, suppliers, etc.) that inform business maturity and readiness for market strategies and business processes.


  • Culture Audits & Development
  • Census Reporting – Intersectional Market Enabling Groups
  • Evidence-Based Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys
  • Analytical & Insights Reports

Hadley Reynolds’ solutions are uniquely designed to optimize your business’s competitive advantage in key markets. Whether your market goals are related to leadership attraction and development strategies or social value impact as measured by Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, the Hadley Reynolds approach gives leaders and C-Suite executives a deep understanding of the conditions driving positive business brand perception and durable performance.

Hadley-Reynolds Management Consultants, empowering your leadership to unlock market opportunities during economic uncertainty.

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